IRIS Primary Read Services - Teleradiology

IRIS Radiology is an experienced group of radiologists dedicated to assisting outpatient imaging centers and referring doctors. We are subspecialized radiologists with extensive experience in MRI and CT imaging, and have been reading for outpatient imaging centers since the late 1980s. IRIS Radiology provides objectivity and great insight in the business development of your imaging center. Our clients particularly welcome the easily available interaction with the radiology team. Whether it is via telephone, email, or an interactive web session, we want our referring imaging centers to know that we are always available and right "next door."

Quality Interpretations

Our radiologists provide comprehensive and detailed diagnostic reports which will thoroughly assist your referring physicians. Our main areas of experience include all modalities as related to the following:

  • Musculoskeletal Imaging
  • Neuroradiology
  • Spine Imaging
  • Body Imaging

Customer Service

IRIS Radiology's customer service team is always available. Courteous, respectful, and helpful. We are available to answer any questions, discuss protocols, and assist with diagnostic imaging issues your staff may have. We provide:

  • Rapid turnaround on reports to meet your imaging center needs
  • STAT reports within 2 hours
  • Report integration into your RIS or EMR system
  • HL7 integration
  • Assist in protocol development for your imaging center

IRIS Radiology is ready to meet your imaging center’s needs and grow your business.