IRIS Consultations for Doctors

IRIS Radiology performs diagnostic imaging consultations and second opinions for exams performed in your clinic or from another imaging center or hospital. Many times, there are discrepancies between your clinical findings and the radiological reports in your possession. Let IRIS Radiology assist this process with the reassurance of a second opinion or consultation. IRIS Radiology provides the information and assurance you need to make the best treatment decisions. IRIS Radiology reports are detailed but to the point. We will promptly provide specific yet concise answers for your clinical concerns.

IRIS Radiology's customer service, second opinion interpretations, and clinical discussions with our radiologists will give you confidence in correlating your diagnostic imaging exams to your clinical outcomes.

IRIS Radiology are doctors serving doctors serving patients.

Let IRIS Radiology be your first choice in second opinions for all your diagnostic imaging concerns.

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