PACS & Archival Solution

PACS & Archival SolutionIRIS PACS & Archival Solution

Are you looking for improved efficiency and cost savings for your practice? Whether you're investing in digital imaging for the first time or shopping for a new PACS, IRIS Radiology can be your solution!

IRIS Radiology combines benefits of having board certified and fellowship trained radiologists interpreting your exams while also storing them for you and allowing you complete PACS access.  This saves you a large capital investment of PACS software, hardware AND storage solution.

IRIS PACS is compatible with any DICOM modality and gives you the ability to view your studies anytime, anywhere; whether it is in the clinic, hospital, home, or on the road. And because we adhere to DICOM standards, transferring data from a different PACS involves no headaches or guesswork. Our IT department and PACS team is so knowledgeable and experienced you can be fully functional in DAYS, rather than months.

IRIS RADIOLOGY optimizes the entire process of managing images through the latest hybrid technology with our distributed architecture. We offer the best of both worlds; complete access to your images and radiology reports WITH the security of a HIPAA compliant, Tier-4 archiving facility.  This will always allow you to see your patients without having to find prior exams on a CD or another computer.  YOUR images at your fingertips, they are safe, secure and have been interpreted by a radiologist.


Cost Effective and Affordable

Most PACS require a large capital investment to purchase equipment, charge excessive licensing fees for users and add-on hefty annual maintenance fees after installation. Hidden fees associated with updates, upgrades and archiving can sometimes cost as much as your initial investment.

With IRIS PACS everything is included and you can enjoy the benefits of filmless workflow AND a radiology report for one low, volume based amount.  There are no hidden expenses, upgrades or hardware involved. All you have to do is have a good internet connection and the rest is for us to worry about and provide for you!  You will find this to be a secure, cost effective turnkey solution.

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Before you get or upgrade your PACS

Call us to discuss how our friendly staff of technologists and radiologists can help with your PACS needs!