Radiology Consultation

IRIS Consultations for Doctors

The information and confidence you need to make the best treatment decisions.

Many times there are discrepancies between your clinical findings and the radiological reports. Let our team assist this process with the reassurance of a second opinion (consultation).

Our reports are detailed and to the point. We will provide specific and direct answers to your radiology questions as they pertain to your clinical concerns.

IRIS Radiology is very sensitive to the terminology utilized in different health care scenarios and with different physician specialties. We understand that our reports must communicate to the physician the appropriate verbiage that does not conflict with their clinical role.

Our consultations also grades the quality of the exam performed. It is important to know if the test that was done is in keeping with proper and current standards in Radiology. This is followed by recommendations of different tests or techniques. This allows the clinician to repeat or perform other tests with maximum diagnostic yield.

Interpretations you can trust. This is our motto that keeps bringing doctors to us on a regular basis. Our vast experience in diagnostic imaging combined with our non-hospital based customer service, allows us to focus on you and your needs.

Let us be your first choice in second opinions when it comes to your questions of your diagnostic imaging exams.

Doctors Serving Doctors Serving Patients

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